Storage Tips

How to organize your stored items and make the most use of your self storage space

  1. Label boxes on all sides so you can easily identify the contents.
  2. Outside Access – Place items on pallets or on shelves off the floor; away from the overhead doors.
  3. Leave a walkway down the center of your unit to make accessing items easier.
  4. Be sure not to over pack boxes as they can get heavy and dangerous. Stack heavy sturdy boxes on bottom and fragile boxes on top.
  5. Invest in good quality, sturdy boxes and packing materials. Boxes should be sturdy enough to hold up for years under the weight of the stack. You may be tempted to get boxes for free from supermarkets and liquor stores; however, the mismatched shapes and sizes will impede your ability to organize most effectively. You can buy standard-sized boxes and specialty boxes for items such as mirrors, lamps, and clothing.
  6. For wrapping breakables, paper will work, but bubble wrap is cleaner, it can be reused and because it is transparent, makes identifying contents easier.
  7. Invest in a wardrobe box with a built-in hanging rod, to store clothes and hangers.
  8. Store large pieces of furniture vertically to save space. Stand sofas on end when possible.
  9. If you have room to store a sofa flat, then a loveseat can be placed upside down on top of the sofa, and a table stacked on top of that.
  10. Chairs can be stacked seat to seat.
  11. In most cases, you can stack dryers on top of washers.
  12. Tools and long-handled items such as rakes, shovels and brooms can be placed inside garbage cans and bungee tied in bundles.
  13. Stack boxes and similarly sized items together to save space in the unit.
  14. You can use virtually all of the space in and around your stored furniture. Fill anything that’s hollow with items to maximize your available space. For example, you can store smaller items inside furniture drawers, inside wardrobes, inside washers and dryers, and on bookshelves.

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